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What Is ImmiAccount?

How Does ImmiAccount Benefit You?

Make Your Documentation Easier

Undoubtedly, handling the piles of documents from thousands of applicants is tiresome for a migration and education agency. With ImmiAccount, you can arrange the documents online and access them easily whenever required. Furthermore, all documents uploaded in ImmiAccount are securely backed up and easily trackable.

As mentioned before, Agentcis can make document collection processes slick through the Document Checklist.

Process Your Clients’ Visa Faster

Remember how hectic it was to submit your clients’ visas and wait unknowingly about process stages? Well, no more. Gone are the days of anxiously calling the officials to know the status of the numerous visas you were handling.

Every step is just a click away in an ImmiAccount. This way, you can assure your client and update them with their application stage timely. This can also build trust among your clients, guaranteeing them to get a visa on time.

Correct Your Mistakes Easily

Even with years of experience, mistakes happen sometimes. But you cannot afford to enter any wrong information in a visa application. Previously, it used to cost a lot of processing time, official procedures, documents, etc. ImmiAccount has made it easier to correct any mistake you make while submitting a visa application.

Get Access To Legendcom Database

LEGENDcom is an electronic database of Migration and Citizenship legislation, policy documents, and so on. ImmiAccount gives you access to LEGENDcom, including all information on immigration legislation and policies to provide relevant information to your clients. Staying informed will directly boost trust with your clients.

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