Benefits of CRICOS to Education Agents or Consultants

Sometimes we experience situation where an education agent starts off the business with the wrong concept about cricos. Likewise, a plenty of consultancies who are quite aware are less concerned about it. Besides, many don’t understand that it is not an option, but it is the criteria that you need to comply. This article will definitely clear out every doubt you have about Cricos. Let’s take you on a cricos tour then. Study abroad agency, let us start with the meaning of Cricos. It stands for Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students. It registers education institutions that enroll international students in Australia. Cricos is an Australian government registry of Australian educational institutes that provide education services to international students. All the institutes and courses offered to overseas students are registered under Cricos. For an institute to provide services to the international students on student visa, they must register in cricos. Only cricos registered institutions can offer courses to international students in Australia legally. Moreover, it is managed by the Australian Government Department of Education. It is publicly available and you can search courses by provider name or code.