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Pedestal Support System Market Report, Share, Size, Growth

The Global Pedestal Support System Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12.3% over the next six years. The key drivers of the pedestal support system are; Growing preference for construction with essence of a raised ventilated terrace, Technological advancements in smart material, and Increasing adoption of pedestal support system in commercial and residential properties.

Adjustable deck pedestals pads are suitable for building rooftop decks that are perfectly horizontal, and over pipes, wires, or service ducts. Pedestal assisted pavers can be used in a wide variety of applications, including landscaping, elevated decks, rooftop decks, plazas, terraces, patios, and water features, so that the water can flow away quickly and easily under the deck surface. On green roofs, balconies, water features, and terraces, the pedestal framework may be used with tiles, pavers, and timber decking to build elevated floors.

Due to the possible reduction of a building’s whole life expense, the pedestal paving method can be considered an interesting solution for paving waterproofed plaza decks and roof terraces. It is a technology that allows access to the hydraulic and electrical systems that might be mounted in the drainage void, as well as the waterproofing system, allowing for easier maintenance.

Segment overview

On the basis of type, Adjustable telescoping pedestals held the largest share of global pedestal support system market in 2020. Paved and decked terraces can be built on flat roofs and balconies without damaging the waterproofing, and at a low cost using adjustable pedestals. The product is environmentally friendly, and UV radiation tolerant at low and high temperatures. Adjustable pedestals offer solution to overcome variety of challenges including uneven groundworks, providing effective drainage, and find their applications in the construction of raised floors, external terraces (paving and decking) and grating systems. Fixed height stackable pedestals are preferred where an ultra low deck support is needed. The fixed height pedestal pads are cost-effective entry-level support pads which are easy to install and maintain, and are being used across the globe.

On the basis of End-Use, Commercial spaces was the largest end user segment of the global pedestal support system market in 2020. Prioritizing building system that benefits the maintainability, and at the same time reducing the potential of the building functional obsolescence are the key drivers for higher utilization of the pedestal system across the globe. Furthermore, the thermal insulation provided reduces maintenance costs; and the various elements of the roof terrace/plaza systems, especially the waterproofing layer, have a longer service life expectancy. These advantages have led to increasing adoption of pedestal system across the residential and industrial applications as well, and the trend is expected to continue over the years to come.

On the basis of region, European region accounted for the largest share in the global pedestal support system market in 2020. The increasing demand for pedestals in the region is due to growing number of high-rise commercial spaces employing these pedestals pads as an efficient, and cost-effective solution over traditional solutions. More and more building product manufacturers are offering solutions that help in achieving compliance after the 2018 reform in building regulations, which was prompted by the Grenfell Tower tragedy. APAC regions offers significant opportunity for these products, and is expected to be the key market over the forecast period. The growing economies and emphasis on modern infrastructure are the key primary drivers for pedestal support system in the region. The increasing household income, and consumer behavior towards more aesthetic infrastructure is expected to increase pedestal demand across residential application.

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