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What is a cedar hope chest?

Cedar Hope Chest, a prized possession that has been around for centuries can now be placed in your home! Store your old wedding dress, blankets, quilts, and other precious possessions in this chest. Read Less
Hope chests have been around for centuries all around the world. From the United Kingdom to the Amish Heritage in America, each chest symbolized hope and was a treasured furniture piece to store prized items like textiles, wedding dresses, and more.

Now, you can bring this chest into your home and start your own tradition. Shop our cedar chests now!

About Our Cedar Chests
All of our cedar chests are crafted with cedar bottoms! This wood type is very special, as it deters insects and fungus from growing – protecting your prized possessions! We offer these chests in Hickory, Cherry, Walnut, and Brown Maple.

Each chest includes anti-slam hinges for the lid to avoid accidents. A lock and key are included for these chests so you can protect your safekeepings. The base has a sweet, scalloped feature.

Our chest sizes range from 36″ to 46″ in length. Each item is handcrafted by Amish woodworkers with careful detail to create a sturdy piece. Each timeless chest is crafted to heirloom quality.

Shop Cedar Chests
At our store, we offer cedar chests and blanket chests too! These can be used as toy boxes with the option for personalized engraving. Most chests like these cedar chests can be used as a blanket chest, but if you’re looking for something more modern, search our Blanket Chests for the perfect piece.

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