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Vendhq Integration with Shopify Store

Sync your Vend POS product details to Shopify and download Shopify orders into Vendhq POS seamlessly.

Vendhq is one of the best point of sale software for the retailers and it is recently acquired by Lightspeed Retail. Thousand of retailers are using Vendhq POS in their physical stores and now most of the retailers have started their online stores as well on Shopify.
Give exposure to your in-store products to the world by connecting Vend POS with the leading eCommerce shopping carts and marketplaces. All of your quantities, prices, discounts, images, and more in Vend are automatically synced to your eCommerce platform.
If you have just started your online store on Shopify and want to integrate your Shopify store with Vend POS to manage both platforms as one then Octopus Channel can be a perfect option for you.
Three reasons why eCommerce connected Vendhq POS is today’s necessity:
Sell on Multiple Channels
Upload product information once, and Octopus Bridge will update it across all your online and offline stores so you can set up shop on multiple online marketplaces without manual data entry.
Avoid Overselling
Sync inventory data from your in-store POS to online marketplaces in real-time to ensure product availability and avoid a bad rap from your customers.
Accurate Data
Get accurate data on sales, customer purchase trends, etc., to make better decisions that’ll benefit customers and ultimately boost your revenue.
Why Choose Octopus Bridge for Vend and Shopify Integration?
Easily integrate your Vend POS to Shopify
Near real-time sync.
Unlimited item upload
Unlimited orders download
Enable curbside pickup or BOPIS
24×7 Support
For more information drop an email at [email protected] or call +1 408-643-0097

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