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Tips for Dominating Organic Reach

Tips for Dominating Organic Reach

Darcy Bickham talks about reaching audiences for effective brand marketing. She underlines the need for customer engagement and platform algorithms for branding. As multi-location marketers, many of you are probably already aware that organic reach is on the decline. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to reach their target audience through organic efforts alone. While this doesn’t mean you should completely abandon your organic efforts, it is time to reconsider your strategy & follow tips for dominating organic reach. Working smarter, not harder, when it comes to driving organic reach is vital.

While organic reach applies to various local social platforms, we’ll be focusing on Facebook for this blog. We’ll dive into five take-home tips you can implement into your organic Facebook efforts to strengthen its reach and ultimately increase visibility online within this blog.

Understand the Platform’s Algorithm – Although it might seem pretty straightforward, your multi-location business must understand Facebook’s algorithm to create the best possible content for its organic efforts. And news flash – it changes constantly. Facebook recently released a video speaking to how the News Feed works. For instance, is Facebook showing videos more frequently than still images? Are family and friends getting shown more often than businesses a user follows? What can your business do to work with Facebook’s algorithm? These are questions you consider when creating your organic social strategy.

Engage With Your Audience Base – For instance, interacting with your target audience on local social platforms can help boost your business’ visibility organically. Creating a loyal following that regularly engages with your content is essential. So how do you build a loyal following? As an easy first step, your business locations can respond to their engagement on local social content. For instance, if someone comments on your post, your local business should respond in a personalized and timely manner. Not only will this show the person who commented on your post that your business cares enough to answer, but it will also show others interested in your company.

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