The Importance of Commercial Cold Storage

The advantages of cold storage warehousing cannot and should not be overlooked. In South Africa, one of the greatest contributions to our economy is food exportation. Shipping perishable products and other temperature-sensitive goods cannot be done without the commercial cold storage industry in Cape Town. As consumers remain conscious of their food products, it is the responsibility of commercial cold storage companies to provide this essential service to keep such commodities safe. Continue reading to learn more about the various benefits commercial cold storage has to offer.

The Benefits of Commercial Cold Storage

Lowers Deterioration Rate of Perishable Products:
Perishable food products are the most widely shipped items across the globe. They are shipped and delivered to distributors such as restaurants and grocery stores. If these items are transported without the correct temperature measures being put in place, the items may rot or spoil before they reach distributors. This is where commercial cold storage comes in handy! The low temperatures in a cooling warehouse prevents chemical changes from taking place, which lead to perishables spoiling. With temperature adjustment options available, you can ensure that products’ temperature needs are met.
Eliminates the Risk of Food Poisoning:
One of the leading challenges when it comes to handling perishable food such as meat, is the risk of food contamination which could lead to food poisoning. Food poisoning often results from organisms multiplying to dangerous levels which makes foods unsafe for consumption. With the use of commercial cold storage spaces, the risk of food poisoning is greatly reduced. Cold storage warehouses should have a temperature of -15°C or lower to prevent certain bacteria, moulds, and yeasts developing and leading to food spoils.

Frees Up Space:

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