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Strategic Content Marketing for Inbound Leads

Strategic Content Marketing for Inbound Leads

CEO, Marketing Insider Group, Michael Brenner dissects content strategies to help you navigate the value-driven lead generation landscape more efficiently. If you have a solid product or service, you are probably wondering how to get your company in front of more potential customers with strategic content marketing. Many traditional marketing tactics such as print ads, radio spots, and cold calls have been around for a long time. But in today’s world, they are no longer effective.

The shift has been that consumers now make their own decisions about what they want to buy. In order for potential customers to find and select your company, you need an effective content marketing strategy. Customers are not interested in products or services advertised that have nothing to do with their needs. Instead, they do their own research online and make their own decisions. You need to position your company to provide the content that answers the questions of your potential leads and drives them to contact you for more information. Inbound marketing efforts driven by quality content will reduce your content marketing strategy costs and result in higher quality leads.

What Is Inbound Marketing and What Are the Benefits?

Marketing strategies of the past have typically relied on outbound marketing. Companies would put their message out to the masses and hope that it the right people at the right time. Even if the strategy involved targeting where the message appeared, it still relies heavily on timing. It also misses an entire population of potential leads that may never see the message. At the opposite end of the spectrum is inbound marketing. Instead, companies work to map out the buyer journey and create content marketing for each stage. The goal is to convert website visitors into leads and turn satisfied customers into promoters.

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