Retail Shelving: Everything You Need to Know

A retail store would not be complete without retail shelving. Shelving solutions in a retail space are possibly the most important component of the store. Without shelving, products will not be able to be put on display and without products on display, no sales will be made. Let us take a look at some of the great benefits of retail shelving solutions. In addition, we will look at some of the different retail shelving solutions available for your store!

Benefits of Retail Shelving Solutions

Promote Your Products:
Using innovative and unique merchandising techniques will allow you to strategically promote specific products to your customers. Using innovative ideas with your merchandising techniques can in fact influence customer purchase decisions. If done correctly, you can manipulate which products have higher sale rates.

Increase Sales and Profits:
As mentioned above, well thought out and innovative retail shelving ideas can in fact drive sales and boost profits. The way in which products are displayed in stores has a great impact on the customer’s shopping experience. For example, if you have a product that is not selling as well as you may have hoped, try a different display of the product. Planograms are diagrams or models that indicate the placement of retail products on shelves to maximise sales, a phrase which is commonly used within these planograms is “eye level is buy level”. If you are looking to boost your sales and maximise profits in store, be sure to follow some of the guidelines laid out within planogram models.
Guide Customers Through Your Store:
Intelligent merchandising fixture systems can guide your customer through the store towards the high-margin products.

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