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Prosecutor case management software

Legaledge Case Management Software announces Alfresco Interface.
LegalEdge announces it’s Alfresco (A full featured, Open Source Document Management system) interface, the system provides advanced document management functionality such as bulk upload of files, drag and drop upload, versioning, OCR, Bates numbering, Document Workflow, etc. Invoices can be generated using workflow calculations for the discovery packets sent, based on a user specific customized formula.

LegalEdge Case Management

1. The new interface is able to show a LegalEdge Case Management list of documents that are housed in Alfresco as attachments within a case in LegalEdge. (Note: if this is too cumbersome, one could show a link and have that issue a query for all documents within Alfresco that are linked to a case number). This also includes responding to the buttons at the bottom of the File Attachments tab which; 1) This allows attaching emails to a case, 2) sending documents out via email, and 3) when available, scanning directly to a case, 4) Browse.
2. The interface is able to click on one of the attachments and bring up the document.
3. This includes a set of metadata fields to categorize a document. These are fields within Alfres
These are fields within Alfresco (or folder names) and finder columns within the LegalEdge Case Management system.
4. The interface is able to expose a document ad hoc search facility for cases and people. The search works just as well from within Alfresco.
5. Facility for text searches – That is; 1) respond to Anything Searches, 2) allow a Text Search facility on the File Attachments Tab to allow text searching files attached to a particular case, 3) allow text search across all cases (allowing complex text searching).
6. The ability to bulk upload files to a case.
7. The ability to be able to enable Bates (or other) numbering of Case Management files as they are uploaded or sent out as Discovery.
8. The ability to OCR scanned documents as we upload files. (How do we tell what is OCR-able or not?)
9. The ability to set up document workflows for routing contracts and other documents around the office for approvals.
10. The ability for check-in/check-out of documents and freeze the edits on docs that are checked out. This leads to the requirement for versioning.
11. The ability for a Word plug-in to allow a save to Alfresco with links to a case in LegalEdge.
12. The ability to redact documents on a case.

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