You are currently viewing NCR Counterpoint Shopify Integration — Sync items, inventory, sales, and customers

NCR Counterpoint Shopify Integration — Sync items, inventory, sales, and customers

Unify your Counterpoint point of sale system and Shopify website with Octopus Bridge. No more manual and multiple data entry, just seamless automation.

When you integrate your NCR Counterpoint POS with your eCommerce store you get an opportunity to handle both the stores from one location. This means you need fewer resources to manage both stores, you can increase efficiency and improve customer management. The integration allows seamless transfer of sales, inventory, and customer data between the two retail channels. Also, there is automatic syncing of information between the two systems. It means there will not be instances of overselling or stockouts. Inventory details are available in real-time and you will have a complete view of the orders, customers, and business in both channels throughout the day. So, you can avoid double entry of data and minimize human errors.

Benefits of NCR Counterpoint POS Integration with eCommerce
You can seamlessly integrate both online and offline stores
The solution allows you to keep track of inventory in real-time
Once the integration is in place you can avoid manual entry of data and reduce human errors
It allows you to extend promotions across channels with minimum effort
Have access to all customer data in one place
Improve customer experience across channels

Do you want to connect your Counterpoint POS with the Shopify store? If so, then here you will find the perfect solution for your retail business.

Octopus Bridge can integrate your Counterpoint POS system seamlessly with the Shopify store. Once you are ready to go, our expert will reach out to you to configure and install the integration and you can focus on another task like store management/marketing, etc.

Why Integrate Counterpoint POS and Shopify?
If you want to provide a seamless omnichnanel experience to your customer or want to increase your sales then Counterpoint Shopify integration is the perfect option for you.

Shopify and Counterpoint POS integration allows you to sync your point of sale inventory to the Shopify website and downloads Shopify orders into Counterpoint POS.

Benefits of NCR Counterpoint and Shopify Integration
Upload automatically Counterpoint POS items catalog details to Shopify
Update the latest items pricing and inventory from Counterpoint to Shopify
Eliminate manual or double data entry
Integrate multiple physical stores with Shopify
Enable BOPIS or curbside pickup

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