You are currently viewing Martech interview with Lindsay Tjepkema on Content Marketing

Martech interview with Lindsay Tjepkema on Content Marketing

Martech interview with Lindsay Tjepkema on Content Marketing

Amplified marketing is the next generation of content marketing as it enables firms with audience networks to use audio/video as a part of marketing strategies. CEO of Casted Lindsay Tjepkema shines light on Content Marketing strategies in Martech Interview on Content Marketing strategy. We’ll see more brands move away from the traditional blog-centric strategy to a more multimedia, audio- and video-rich content strategy.

One of the biggest challenges in marketing right now is that the technology for content marketers is no longer applicable to their modern needs. Content marketing plays a crucial role in marketing strategies, yet what was used in the early 2000s when, or a decade ago, or even just two years ago is not necessarily cutting it anymore. The Casted platform aims to solve these issues by providing an updated approach to content marketing with the platform to solve these needs.

Impactful Content marketing enables and empowers companies with their audience connections using audio and video at the center of marketing strategies. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. As a startup, you are facing a lot of firsts and trying to solve something that quite possibly has never attempted to be solved before.

About Lindsay Tjepkema – Lindsay Tjepkema is a marketing maven turned SaaS founder. She is the CEO of Casted, the first Amplified Marketing Platform and only podcast solution for B2B marketers. She is extremely passionate about authentic brand-building based on conversation, women in leadership, strong workplace cultures, and content marketing that prioritizes audiences over algorithms.

About Casted – Casted is the only B2B Podcasting Platform. We are helping B2B Podcasters and Content Marketers be more effective through better measurement and activation of their podcasts.

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