You are currently viewing Martech Interview with Gavin Jordan-Smith on Technological Changes

Martech Interview with Gavin Jordan-Smith on Technological Changes

Martech Interview with Gavin Jordan-Smith on Technological Changes

SVP, RICOH Graphic Communications Gavin Jordan-Smith underlines the four technological changes in an Martech Interview on technological changes in the marketing technology arena. He brings to light the techniques of delivering customer experiences for business growth. He believe that the data-driven approach is becoming the single most important attribute to embrace. Data is dynamic and transformative with the buyer’s journey; it goes beyond the firmographic information, but quickly dives into using Artificial and Cognitive Intelligence.

Customer communication management can be a broad term overall. It has applications in all industries and all companies however, today it’s about accessibility and how it is used within agencies and/or marcoms. These services are also expanding as we focus on business outcomes, analytics and customer experiences as our customers’ DX strategies vary, especially considering the transformation of communications is changing the landscape with digital marketing.

Tips For delivering great Customer Experiences – Data is also a key component to customer-centricity. Strong data governance delivers an exceptional customer experience, which translates into customer retention and growth. Without a scalable model, you will likely not achieve the results you expect. That at the end of the day is also connected to the customer experiences.

About Gavin Jordan-Smith – Gavin Jordan-Smith am a senior executive and globally recognized thought leader driving transformational change in highly recognized branded technology and software companies. He possesses a customer-centric mind-set and is focused on partnering with customers to help them with their digital transformation.

About RICOH Graphic Communications – Ricoh USA is an information management and digital services company connecting technology, processes, and people. As part of a global leader, we create competitive advantage for over 1.4 million businesses and solve problems for companies large and small.

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