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Local Social – Improve Customer Experience for Sales

Local Social – Improve Customer Experience for Sales

Local Marketing underlines the need to train teams. With this fact, it is easy to design strategies and interact with the audience. In this article, explore the five steps to make your local marketing strategy a success. With 76 percent of U.S. customers purchasing a product they’ve seen in a social media post, so to improve customer experience on local social media is a must. Similarly, three out of four consumers say they’ve discovered a new local offering based on recommendations and posts on social media.

Ensure Local Teams Understand the Importance of Local Social – A successful local social strategy would be very challenging without local teams on board. Local teams must understand the importance of local social and assume some responsibility for strategy and implementation.

Post Locally and Interact With Your Audience – Once you have your local teams willing to put in the effort for local social, you can start thinking more about strategy. If your multi-location business doesn’t already have its local social pages claimed and active, that’s a great first place to start. While local content is a great way to improve the customer experience on social, your multi-location business can take it a step further by interacting with your audience.

Leverage Facebook Shops – Facebook Shops is a free tool that empowers business page admins to create a virtual storefront that lives on your business’s local Facebook and Instagram pages. With Facebook Shops, customers and potential customers can view your products, share them with others, and even make purchases – all directly from the app, making it a seamless buying process. Finding a platform that can help you manage your local social efforts across business locations is key to improving your customer experience.

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