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Increase Conversion Rates For Your eCommerce With Call For Price Plugins

What would turn off customers more, the lack of price on the product page or the unavailability of a customer service that can answer the price-related queries?

Probably the latter, because not only does your product page lack necessary information, it also makes it impossible to get their queries answered.

Here’s where call for price plugins come into the picture. So, customers with questions on bulk order pricing, similar item price, or combo pricing all can be answered within minutes of contacting customer service directly.

So, in this article, we’ll look at what call for price plugin does for your eCommerce business and can make customer relations better for you.

Why Call For Price Plugin Is Imperative For eCommerce?
Call for price plugins are helpful in making your customer relations robust. They ensure your buyers that your brand is easily accessible to them. So, having this plugin on your eCommerce platform will always play in your favor.

Let’s look at a few other benefits that call for price plugins offer:

Provide price flexibility: A negotiation with the customer on a call helps you understand their budget and suggest an offer in their comfortable price range. This makes the deal beneficial for both of you and helps gain the trust of the customers.
Give better offers than competitors: Leaving the price tag blank and quoting a price when the customer calls can help you offer better pricing than your competitors. After understanding your customers requirements better you can make an irresistible offer to them.
Take care of price fluctuations: If you deal with products where price fluctuations are very common, it might be a better idea to give your customers a call for a price options. This will help you offer a price to them based on the latest market trends.
Highlight the product’s value: Not giving a price below the product can help you highlight the features of the product and the value provided by it. The customers then focus more on the benefits and call you for a price only when they are convinced about the product’s relevance for themselves.
What Features Should Your Call For Price Plugin Have?
While the basic call feature is important to include on any eCommerce platform, placing the call for price buttons on specific places can add to the benefits. So, the plugin must provide features that allow you to customize the call for price button according to your brand’s needs.

Here are some features your call for price plugin must have:

Filter based on product category: The plugin must offer an option to choose which product categories will offer the call for price option. This helps you target only a segment of the products for pricing.
Add button based on price range: The plugging should have a feature to add buttons based on the price range of the products. Mostly queries arise in the higher end products, hence, the buttons must be available for them.
Auto-update on empty price tag products: Any price tag that is empty must be automatically updated with a call for price button. This ensures that customers do not leave their purchase halfway due to unanswered questions.
Offer Better Customer Satisfaction With Call For Price Plugins
Availability of answers to the queries quickly and accurately ensures greater customer satisfaction and your customers won’t leave without buying. This makes call for price plugins the best option to increase conversions and customer retention. Plus, you can offer the best deals to the buyers with a negotiation after looking at the latest information on your inventory.

Partnering with 24Seven Commerce helps you access this data and gives you a view of the stock levels in real-time. So, you can offer prices based on the current data and ensure that your customers are satisfied with your services in every transaction.

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