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How Wholesale B2B Plugins In Your B2C Store Can Work To Skyrocket Sales For Your eCommerce

Wholesale B2B plugins help to achieve different requirements of your ecommerce business. You can set tiered wholesale prices, user roles, several categories, product table interface, and make the consumer onboarding experience easy.

The plugins allow more customer conversions and consistent growth. You can tackle multiple orders, provide recommendations according to customer interactions, and actively answer their queries. It helps you target big customers in B2B models and boost sales.

So, in this article we’ll look in depth about B2B plugins used in B2C stores and its benefits for your eCommerce.

How Wholesale B2B And B2C Store Plugins Can Work To Skyrocket Sales For Your eCommerce
What Are Wholesale B2B Plugins And Why Your B2C eCommerce Store Needs Them?
In eCommerce, wholesale B2B sales require certain functionalities to work optimally. B2B plugins provide such features for your business to work seamlessly. Integrating wholesale B2B plugins with your e-commerce will ease the process of selling and boost sales.

Your B2C store will already let you manage orders effectively and set product prices with profitable margins. But introducing B2B plugins can help you expand your business to wholesale and grow in size and revenue.

Now that you have understood what B2B plugins are, let’s look at why your B2C eCommerce store needs them.

1. Upgrade To Wholesale With Your Existing B2C Website
B2B plugins are a tool to help your business transform into a wholesale business along with the B2C business without any hassle. They help you set up your wholesale pricing and wholesale product categories in the existing setup of B2C. So, you won’t have to juggle between two different websites to manage the B2B and B2C e-commerce and streamline all transactions from one platform.

2. Set Tiered Wholesale Pricing
According to user roles, you can set pricing tiers. This helps to provide a better deal for bulk purchasers. B2B plugins give the flexibility to set multiple tiered wholesale prices by analyzing the customer’s business history. You can configure the discount percentage, map different rules for specific user roles, and add a category or individual product tiered pricing.

3. Manage Bulk Purchase
Managing and organizing bulk purchases is a strenuous task if you are not using wholesale B2B plugins. Since B2B buyers make bulk purchases, a frictionless purchasing experience is a key to sustaining these customers. Using B2B plugins, you can provide information regarding the order status, and details about delivery, and address customer queries effortlessly.

4. Improve Control Over Supply Chain
Investing in the right B2B plugins is vital to optimize the supply chain. Effective supply chain management directly contributes to increasing overall revenue and expanding sales channels. With B2B plugins, you can maintain your connection with manufacturers, plan for dips in demand, automate business processes, and manage inventory efficiently.

5. Manage Taxes On Products
In B2C ecommerce sales, taxes are included with the pricing. The plugin gives tax and payment settings which enable independent configuration of different taxes. It also provides options to view prices exclusive of tax. Tax exemption options are available as well. Owners can set it according to brand needs and provisions.

Using Wholesale B2B Plugins In B2C Stores Along With 24 Seven Commerce
Pairing B2B plugins with B2C is advantageous. You don’t need to waste your time and money creating separate websites for customers and wholesale. Build your wholesale alongside your B2C eCommerce business without any hassle from a single platform.

If you are planning to target both B2B and B2C customers at the same time, define the roles of each customer. This gives a personalized experience for your customers and creates more flexibility in terms of presenting the product. You can set the wholesale pricing and visibility of the product using these plugins.

24Seven Commerce, when used with B2B and B2C, helps you manage your ecommerce venture with inventory management and order fulfillment efficiency.

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