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We design and build bespoke Garden Rooms, Garden Offices, Garden Sheds, Office Pods, Home Gym and Hobby Rooms for your gardens in Scotland.
We’re making it easier for you to design your very own garden Space specific to your needs.
We at UrSpace Garden Rooms would like to offer you the fantastic opportunity of having face to face design consultation with Michael Sinclair, our amazing design and creative force behind the work we do here at UrSpace.

Our new start
Drawing on our team’s combined ‘century’ of construction, architectural, design and project management experience, UrSpace was formed to offer an alternative with three priorities, which are to provide: –

• An inspiring best use of space in every location

• A highly-bespoke design and ‘look’ tailored carefully to individual spaces

Building the Dream
We realise that supplying a building unit is only part of the process; a one-size-fits-all approach does not meet the intensity of modern needs.

More importantly, we have looked closely at why portable permanent and semi-permanent home extension units are needed and what is involved in make their long-term use successful.

As employees travel less to the “company office” and spend more time in their “home office”, they must be able to buy into a complete domestic and online digital experience. This includes a secure attractive environment, internet connectivity, good sound proofing, warmth in winter and cool conditions in summer, plumbing, power and other utility connections, plus low energy use and prices.

Work and family needs
In many instances, a family social element must to be built into the original design too, especially for flexible weekend use.

Because a purpose-designed and built smart garden room/office is likely to form part of a new long-term relationship between employers and employees, it can also be important to include options up front to further extend and upgrade, or move a unit to a fresh location, when a family moves house.

Sustainable responsibilities
UrSpace also appreciates that in the new sustainable paradigm we must work responsibly through our supply chain with climate change priorities, ambitious net-zero emissions targets, circular economy principles.

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