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Our premium quality digitizing services ensure enhanced details, less thread breakage, sharper designs and less wastage of material which leads to faster production. We work fast so that our clients meet deadlines. The karmic cycle of quality business keeps our client happy and wins us more work and admiration. We take pride in our in-house team of professionals and constantly updated and equipped work station. All these efforts make our 24 hour turnaround time not just a promise but work routine.

Absolute Digitizing is providing embroidery digitizing and vector conversion services since 1999. Our price and quality being second to none in the industry of embroidery digitizing is surely a great value for your money with a standard turnaround time of less than 24 hours. The starting price for Vector conversion is irresistibly low.

Quality and discipline are the emblems of our digitizing services and to make it all happen our team puts in the right amount of effort and energy. We are a multifaceted team, consisting of Embroidery digitizers, designers, IT personnel and artists. This diversity shows in our final copy and shines in our client’s fabric making us America’s favorite embroidery digitizing service provider. Our expertise includes Embroidery Digitising of small letters, complex designs, layered thread patterns, three dimensional effects and puff embroidery.

Vector conversion needs separate space in the narration of our services . We, impeccably, convert complex bitmap artwork into a vector and then its all set to dazzle our clients with brilliant results.

Absolute Digitizing is the place to be !

When numerous other options are available then why would you choose Absolute Digitizing services? So let’s start right away:

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