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DSP Technology for Middle-market Brands

DSP Technology for Middle-market Brands

Brittany Wray shares insights on programmatic advertising and its influence on marketing. She highlights the outcomes derived from the said technique creating a win-win situation for all. If you look at most leading indicators for programmatic digital advertising, the trends point steadily upwards with DSP Technology for Middle-market Brands. The latest forecast from eMarketer projects that marketers will spend more dollars on programmatic ($133B), that it will account for a greater share of the media mix (91%), and that a growing and increasingly premium share of available inventory will be transacted programmatically.

It’s Only Middlemen for The Middle Market – Major brands and agencies have long mastered the ins and outs of programmatic tech. Reading the industry trades, one could easily assume that the vast majority of advertisers have followed suit. The simple reason is that they don’t spend enough money on their own to meet the minimums for leading DSPs like MediaMath and The Trade Desk. These arbitrary minimums have excluded the majority of advertisers from the programmatic advertising technology.

It’s a lost opportunity for everyone. These budget minimums have limited the middle market’s autonomy and curtailed its ability to bring advertising operations under their own control. They have disincentivized these companies from developing the talent and budgeting the resources necessary to master this technology and get the most value from it. And they have kept the major DSPs from accessing the largest, most diversified, and therefore most durable segment of advertisers. Instead, middle market companies rely on media agencies (like my company, AudienceX) to manage their digital budgets, essentially acting as surrogate operators of this DSP technology. On the surface, that would seem to benefit digital agencies like us, but in the long run I’m not sure it benefits anyone.

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