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Does Lightspeed Retail POS Support BOPIS And Curbside Pickup?

Before getting answer to this question, first you need to understand what BOPIS and Curbside Pickups are.
Although, it is just an extra delivery method, but the practice of offering BOPIS has grown as shoppers become too busy to browse items in-store and are more comfortable buying online.
BOPIS allows merchants to mingle the online and in-store experiences to engage with customers while offering a more convenient way to shop.
Curbside pickup is a subset of BOPIS in which customers receive their packets outside the store, often without leaving their car.

How Does BOPIS Work for Customers?
If a product is in stock at a local store and the customer wants to pick-up his order at that store, the store associate receives the order, retrieve the product(s), and then prepare the packet for pickup. Stores are typically able to process order fulfillment in 1-3 hours.

When the customer arrives to pick up his order, he can experience one of several BOPIS options depending on the store. Some retailers provide curbside pickup, where customers park their vehicle in a designated parking area near the store, and a store representative brings the order out to his vehicle.

bopis and curbside pickup

The major advantages of offering BOPIS and Curbside Pickups are:

Customer satisfaction and convenience
Faster fulfillment
Eliminate shipping costs
Reduced, agile inventory
Reduce returns, increase profits
Now, to answer your question whether Lightspeed POS supports BOPIS – Yes, it does.

In order to offer BOPIS in your retail business, you must have the following in place:

An eCommerce store
Lightspeed Retail POS
A middleware integrator (Eg. Octopus Bridge)
The middleware integrator connects the Lightspeed POS with your eCommerce shop to sync product details, stocks, prices, images, web orders, and customer info. Orders received online, are automatically downloaded into the customer’s nearest store and reduced the stock accordingly. This way, the retailer can process the order within 1-3 hours.

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