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Building User Experience – UX Strategy 2021

Building User Experience – UX Strategy 2021

Personalization has become an integral part of marketing strategies. Sarie Drake from R2i discusses building the foundation for a personalized UX Strategy(user experience strategy). Personalized marketing became important once the digital era began, but really took center stage with the rise of UX (user experience) design. Mass marketing has been a favored strategy for over a century and just now is its popularity dwindling. Personalized experiences are taking over – and are here to stay.

With the massive in digital that took place in the past two years, personalized user experience strategy have only increased in importance. COVID-19 dealt a heavy blow to brands that were reliant on in-store and in-person sales, making personalized UX essential to strong and continuing customer relationships.

Coordinated Effort – Setting a foundation for a personalized UX is a multi-faceted undertaking. Technology discovery, on the other hand, involves reviewing the repositories and sources of data, tagging and taxonomy, as well as the martech stack that will be handling short-term and long-term personalization. this step provides a framework for customer segmentation, technology procurement and implementation, and ux content strategy. The level of orchestration required to offer customers a personalized user experience strategy is challenging, but also imperative. Marketing and IT, in particular, must cooperate and communicate because there is so much overlap in platforms, content and data.

Customers Demand More – Better information and better systems enable brands to get deeper into the discipline, to provide the customer with more rewarding experiences. They expect a call center or chat representative to already know what was bought, and when, without having to provide that information. Delivering an engaging and personalized customer experience should be a top priority for brands in 2021.

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