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Boost Social Media Engagement Of eCommerce With Social Sharing Setup

The global ecommerce market is expected to grow to 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025. Owing to this growth, the competition in the eCommerce segment is increasing day by day. Amidst the high competition, your brand needs to stand out and attract an audience with its uniqueness.

But how to mark your presence?

Social media can prove to be your ultimate tool for engaging and interacting with your customers. You need to effectively strategize the social media setup for your eCommerce business to boost its growth.

If you are wondering how, this article will tell you more about it.

Why Is Social Sharing Imperative For eCommerce?
Social media for e-commerce is more than just a way to sell. Being active on social networks not only builds brand reputation but also acts as a portal to understand the customer better. And scale its efforts in acquiring, retaining, and upselling to those customers.

E-commerce platforms can use social media to build curiosity, brand awareness, and credibility among their target audience.

Social sharing becomes imperative for e-commerce as user-generated content is much more believable and trustworthy than a displayed Ad or paid partnership. User-generated content shows the product in a much more exciting and realistic way.

According to Hubspot, social sharing influences purchase decisions, and customers are more likely to buy from a brand based on referrals from friends & family. Star ratings, reviews, testimonials, and product demonstrations have become powerful tools to boost e-commerce conversion.

The Role Of Social Sharing Setups For Improving Social Media Reach
Adding the right buttons to a website, email or newsletter is only half a battle won. The other half is to incentivize the customer to share your e-commerce purchase.


You can engage with those shares and establish direct communication in the form of re-tweets, replying to comments, and reposting. This helps add a social touch and creates loyalty toward brands.
Social sharing setups allow customers to share their eCommerce-purchase on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform.
It can help improve traffic, brand exposure and bring a newer audience to your website and allow cross-channel promotion.
Adding share buttons on relevant social channels also influences SEO rankings, and increases organic traffic, and content distribution. Social sharing activities signal the search website of popular and relevant content thereby exposing it to a wider audience & bringing higher conversion rates.

What Features To Look For When Choosing A Social Sharing Plugin
Social sharing plugins are a great way for customers to share your online content to their social media accounts across various platforms. The right plugin makes the process easier by letting customers share with just one click.

So, here are the features you must look for when choosing a social sharing plugin:

A plugin that works across multiple platforms – The plugin must allow you to integrate as many social icons as you want along with social count figures. Social count figures act as social proof by showing the number of times the content has been shared on a certain platform.
Highly customizable – The design and feel of the icon needs to be highly customizable. You must be able to control when and where these icons are displayed like the end of a post, floating sidebar, etc. Also look for options to edit color, size, social media labels, and social count.
Mobile-friendly and optimized – The plugin must be well optimized for mobile and user-friendly. It should be easy to activate and customize and not need a developer’s assistance from time to time.
Wrapping Up!
There are no better advertisers and marketers than your customers. Social media sets the cycle of brand awareness in motion.

Being present on social media means getting a chance to know your customers closely. Nothing beats direct & open communication with your customers. Incorporating minor to major changes based on real-time feedback goes a long way in building trust and empathy with the audience.

You can also leverage data from your inventory and enhance this interaction with meaningful information for the customers using 24Seven Commerce. 24Seven Commerce gives you access to the latest inventory movement and stock levels so that you can reach your customers equipped with up-to-date data.

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