Autism Spectrum Disorder Research

Despite seeing an increase in diagnosis and awareness, autism spectrum disorder remains one of the least understood mental illnesses. Part of this is due to the wide range of symptoms that individuals on the spectrum experience (hence the terminology of a spectrum) and part of this is that there is still a strongly negative view of autism and autistic people in mainstream society. Because of both of these factors, many children who exhibit symptoms at school and home don’t get the diagnosis that would help them access support and services that would help them navigate the neurotypical world. This lack of diagnoses makes it hard for clinical researchers to find a client base to work with, and the sheer range of symptoms exhibited can make it hard to make useful generalizations across the whole autism population.

What Research Tells Us About Autism
For many decades, research on autism focused on trying to link the condition to vaccinations, and diseases, but there have been no concrete links between any of these factors and the presence of autism. Research then has focused on finding a common set of symptoms that affect the majority of individuals on the spectrum.

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